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Noir eHome America Homebuyer Certificate Course

Noir eHome America

Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. is focused on increasing Black Homeownership across America and has partnered with eHome America to offer Blacks easier access to HUD certified education to assist in the home buying process. The eHome America platform offers first-time homebuyers (someone who has not owned a home in 4-years) easier access to online HUD certified homeownership education. The course provides homebuyers a better understanding of homeownership and the processes which lead to homebuying. After completion of the course, a follow-up counseling session is scheduled with a HUD certified counselor to ensure the homebuyer understands homeownership. Upon completion of the counseling session, a HUD Certificate is issued, which can be applied towards down payment assistance programs.

Getting Started is Easy

  • 1. Select an Agency

  • 2. Complete the Course

  • 3. Work with Housing Advisor

  • 4. Get Certificate

Open the door with education


Homebuyer Education
eHome America’s signature Homebuyer Education course is the certified web-based program for prospective first-time homebuyers.

Money management
Learn to take control of your financial future to live the lifestyle you want.

Post Purchase
You’ve bought your home, now what? eHome America’s Post Purchase course is designed to help you understand what happens after you move into your home.

Foreclosure education
Learn to take control of your financial future to live the lifestyle you want.

Manufactured Housing Homebuyer Education
Buying a factory-built home? We can help with decisions on when, where, and how to purchase and site your home so you can enjoy it for years to come!

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