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Become A TeleMentor

Seeking Black Professionals From Across The U.S. To Become Online TeleMentors!

In an effort to provide black students with the support they need, Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. is seeking black professionals from across the country to become online “TELEMENTOR” to its Noir Black Business Clubs Members in college, high school, middle school, and elementary school, who are engaging in business education and professional skills learning earlier, in the hope of increasing their success rate of becoming successful black entrepreneurs and black corporate professionals.

Black mentors are incredibly important for black youth, as they can provide invaluable support, guidance, and inspiration. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Representation: Black mentors provide positive role models for black youth to look up to and emulate. Seeing someone who looks like them succeed can help black youth feel like they too can achieve their goals.

  • Understanding: Black mentors can relate to the experiences and challenges that black youth face in ways that non-black mentors may not. This shared understanding can help build trust and rapport, which can lead to more effective mentoring relationships.

  • Cultural Competence: Black mentors can provide insights into black culture, history, and traditions that may not be as readily available from non-black mentors. This cultural competence can help black youth feel more connected to their heritage and identity.

  • Networking: Black mentors can help connect black youth with other professionals and resources within their communities. This can help black youth gain access to opportunities and support that may not be otherwise available to them.

Overall, black mentors can play a crucial role in supporting the personal and professional growth of black youth. By providing positive role models, understanding, cultural competence, and networking opportunities, black mentors can help black youth overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.


– Student Reviews Online TeleMentor List 
– Selects Mentor Based on Professional Expertise 
– Emails TeleMentor to Schedules 30-Minute Zoom or Phone Session
– Student and TeleMentor Agree on Meeting Time
– Student Prepares Questions Prior to Mentoring Session 
– Student Meets with TeleMentor
– Student sends TeleMentor Thank You Email

30-Minute Mentoring Sessions via Zoom or Phone

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