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Noir Black Community Development Entity (CDE)

Community & Economic Development

Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a certified Community Development Entities under The U.S. Department of Treasury. Black-led CDEs plays a crucial role in helping to revitalize and improve in low-income communities around the country for several reasons:

  • Representation: Black-led community development entities provide representation for members of the community who may feel overlooked or marginalized. Having leaders who understand the specific needs and concerns of Black residents can help ensure that community development efforts are more effective and responsive.

  • Trust: Black-led organizations are often better positioned to build trust with residents in low-income communities, as they may be perceived as more authentic and trustworthy than outside organizations or institutions.

  • Cultural competence: Black-led organizations are better equipped to provide culturally competent services and programs that are tailored to the unique needs and experiences of Black residents.

  • Economic empowerment: Black-led community development entities can promote economic empowerment and address disparities in wealth and income. They can provide job training, entrepreneurship programs, and other resources that help residents build wealth and improve their financial stability.

  • Social capital: Black-led organizations can help build social capital in low-income communities by fostering a sense of community and connection among residents. This can lead to increased civic engagement, stronger networks, and improved quality of life.

Overall, Black-led community development entities are critical to creating equitable and sustainable communities in low-income areas. By prioritizing the needs and perspectives of Black residents, these organizations can help build stronger and more resilient communities that are better equipped to address the challenges they face.

If you have a large development project planned for a low-income census tract or neighborhood, you are encouraged to submit your project to us.

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