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Noir Black Business Clubs 9-24 Age

Business & Professional Skills Learning

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In an effort to “Move Black America Forward”, Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. has begun establishing Noir Black Business Clubs on college and university campuses across the country, As well as online platforms for high school, middle school, and elementary school clubs to engage black students in business education and professional skills earlier, in the hope, that it will lead to an increase in the number of successful black entrepreneurs and black corporate professionals over time and create economic and social mobility within one generation. Noir Black Business Clubs are open to all black students no matter which career path they are planning on taking and membership is free to all youth ages 9 to 24.


Noir Black Business Clubs help students develop their social skills through positive interactions with peers, instructors, and Telementors, which leads to becoming successful entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. Students participate in a safe and supportive environment, which allows them to develop new interests in areas such as leadership, business, communications, critical thinking, and art. The clubs are led by an elected body of students, who learn how to govern, develop, and implement programs, while Telementors and volunteers provide guidance and support as they navigate challenges and make important decisions. Club members learn the importance of civics and civic engagement through volunteering and mentoring younger students. All in-person events and programming are supervised by trained staff, who ensure students are safe and secure while participating in activities.

Overall, Noir Black Business Clubs are a valuable resource for black youth, who are looking for opportunities to socialize, learn, and grow in a supportive and positive environment.


As​ Black Americans retool after a year of racial and economic unrest and a fight for equality and social justice,​ many are left with the realization that the “system” is not and will​ likely​ never be ​totally fair towards them.​ Therefore Black Americans must now rise up to the challenge of creating opportunities for themselves to move Black America forward. One way to do this is by encouraging black college students to learn basic business education, whether they are entrepreneurs or planning on working for a

Because of formal business knowledge and training, white families have been afforded the opportunity to pass knowledge down from generation to generation, which has led to continuous economic growth and wealth building that has led to white children enjoying “basic norms” of going to college without thinking about it; access to affluent corporate connections that lead to high paying careers; and easier access to financial institutions to secure business and home loans.

Noir Black Business Clubs were created to engage black college students and teach them business concepts, structure, development, growth strategy, and corporate etiquette that will lead to successful careers.


Mentorship is a crucial function of the career development process, and it is known to be significantly impactful to everyone involved. Mentoring is the process of an experienced person facilitating the growth and development of a lesser experienced person. Research suggests that for at-risk college students, such as BIPOC and first-generation students, “mentoring can be particularly vital to their persistence to degree” (Booker and Brevard, 2017). In addition, black students can get a substantial return on investment from engaging in mentoring, and we’ll highlight five key benefits of mentorship.

Gain Expertise

​Get Feedback

​Professional Growth

​Personal Growth



Finding a job can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have experience. Unfortunately, you need to obtain a job before you can gain experience. Internships are a great way for college students, recent graduates or anyone considering a career change to obtain valuable work experience. Continue reading to learn eight benefits of an internship and find out how an internship can prepare you for the demands of today’s workforce.

Gain Valuable Work Experience

Explore A Career Path

Give Yourself An Edge In The Job Market

Develop And Refine Skills

Receive Financial Compensation

Network With Professionals In The Field

Gain Confidence

Transition Into A Job

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Black Americans live in communities that lack access to good jobs and quality schools and suffer from high crime rates. Black Americans are about twice as likely to be unemployed as white Americans. Black students lag in comparison to their white peers in educational attainment and achievement, and Black American communities tend to have higher than average crime rates. These issues have been a persistent problem, and jobs are essential to improving Black communities. Increased employment would significantly help individuals in these communities lift themselves out of poverty. Additionally, because poor economic conditions are an important causal factor behind poor educational outcomes and high crime rates are correlated with high unemployment rates, creating job opportunities would help improve educational outcomes and reduce crime.


Although this black talent corporate placement initiative is constructed around connecting corporations to black college talent, it is also focuses on workforce diversity and retention.

18-24 Age

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