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Looking to Grow Your Business? We can Help!

NOIR Black Chamber Of Commerce supports businesses that are looking to grow. We offer

a  range of  services  and supports  tailored  to your  business  needs. We p rovide three main

initiatives  to  provide  you with business advice. The first initiative is our Monthly Strategic 

Sessions, often  the  first  step  before  being  referred to our second initiative, the Mentoring

Program, followed by our third business training initiative.

Business Strategic Sessions 

If members need one-to-one advice and support, we provide members with monthly business advice and strategic sessions to help strategize on ways to grow their business. The program have been developed to assist those who are thinking about starting out in business or those who have an existing business and are at a stage where they need some direction and advice. Our business strategic sessions are free, face-to-face, one-to-one, 60 minute session that can be booked Monday through Saturday based upon the facilitators availability. To Reserve An Online Session


Business Mentoring

Our innovative mentoring program connects our members with skilled and experienced African American mentors across America to assist and guide our member to succeed. The mentoring sessions are 15 minute sessions scheduled though our online Mentor Scheduling Platform provided free of charge. Members are able to select from a list of volunteer mentors from across the country, where they will meet over the phone or through a facetime cell phone platform. Mentoring Sessions are available Monday through Friday based on the Mentors available time. To Reserve A Mentoring Session

Business Training

Training can have a positive effect on your performance and a measurable impact on potential profits. Training is an investment that will allow you to prosper and develop, whilst giving your business a competitive advantage. We provide a range of leads to workshops that aim to improve specific business skills, for example, digital marketing or sales. In addition, we offer management development information that provides business owners with the knowledge needed to run their business in the best possible way. To Check Upcoming Training Session.

Small Business Development Program - Driving Your Business Forward


The aim of this program is to provide small business members with the management, leadership, business skills, and knowledge to achieve sustainability and growth in their business.

This program is aimed at small businesses that have been operating for 12 months or more and will help participants to address business challenges directly which in turn will lead to business growth and development.

This 6 session program will help business owners to:

  •  Gain an understanding of why they are in business and where the business is going.

  •  Market their businesses effectively.

  •  Strive for continuous improvement.

  •  Develop themselves and their entrepreneurial capabilities.

  •  Improve sales and sales techniques.

  •  Manage finances.

  •  Establish their business needs and develop a pathway to address these.

Small Business Development Program Consists of 6 Modules:

  • Module Outline

  •  Module 1 - Why am I in business? Create a vision for your business and a route map to achieving it

  •  Module 2 - Finding and Keeping Customers: Understand practical marketing and promotional tools and be able to use these tools effectively to sustain and grow your business

  •  Module 3 - How can my business do better? Identify opportunities for innovation in your business

  •  Module 4 - Managing Your Money: Understand your financial position and how to improve the profitability of your business

  •  Module 5 - Selling For Profit: Use the appropriate selling models for your business and therefore sell more effectively

  •  Module 6 - Being the Boss: Management in order to achieve your business goals

  • Mentoring

  • Each participant will be paired with a professional mentor as part of the 12-week program.

  • Peer Review

  • An integral part of the program allows participants an opportunity to exchange ideas. Continual progress will be reviewed by all of the group members.

  • Program Duration and Cost

  • The program will be administered every other week over a 12-week timeframe and will comprise of six 1-hour sessions and six 15-minute mentor sessions. The cost is FREE to paying memberships and $25 per session for free memberships – which includes all online tuition and course materials.


  • For further information about the program, please contact NOIRBCC at 01-844-NOIRBCC or

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