"NOIRBCC was created out of a need to assist Black Entrepreneurs, Black Businesses, Black Professionals, and Black MBE Companies grow, not out the racial divide,” Shaw-Woo said. “In order for NOIRBCC to accomplish its goals, it needs to enlist seasoned professional mentors to pair with our members, and it needs to gain corporate support that will assist in uplifting  NOIRBCC Members by ALLOWING US TO LEARN HOW TO FISH INSTEAD OF BEING FED". NOIRBCC currently serves members in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas.

 John Howard  Shaw-Woo
Founding Chief Executive Officer

Who We Are

Louisville’s New Black Chamber of Commerce


NOIR BLACK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INC. (NOIRBCC) is a Louisville-based, independent nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian 501(c)6 organization that represents the interests of black entrepreneurs, black businesses, black professionals, and black MBE companies. NOIRBCC INC. is the Chamber's affiliated 501(c)3 partnering organization.



What We Do 

Strengthen Black Businesses


The purpose of NOIRBCC is to provide support, effective networking, and sharing of information to assist black businesses thrive and to uplift and support economic development amongst low-income black communities across the country.


Why We Do It

Socioeconomic Community Growth


Many African-Americans today remain situated in communities with the lowest prospects for upward mobility, which is not an accident, but a reflection of both the intended and unintended consequences of City, State, and U.S. policies that have shaped where people live, and the opportunities people have in those communities. The issue is both complex and multi-factional. 


NOIR BCC believes that by supporting and uplifting black entrepreneurs and black businesses through the learning of best business practices and continued education, which  will  lead  to stronger economic growth and socioeconomic mobility for African-American communities.

For more information please read our By-Laws